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African Mango

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Product Features:

  • All natural & safe
  • Can lower blood pressure*
  • Increases metabolism*
  • Burns fat rapidly and effectively*
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Product Description

African Mango

Made with love from Mother Nature

A natural metabolism booster that increases your body’s fat-burning power.

African Mango, sometimes known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a fruit that holds large seeds in its centre. These seeds are the core ingredient of our slimming mango capsules due to their fat-burning properties and high fibre content.

Clinical studies have found the seeds work to reduce the human body’s tendency to store fat. Our slimming capsules preserve this natural weight-loss element and combine it with other pure ingredients to maximise its effects.

Boost Vitality can supply you with a superb blend containing African Mango seeds. By combining them with green tea extract, kelp, acai fruit and grapefruit, we have created a super formula proven to work wonders for long-term health and weight management.

Green tea extract contains caffeine to help the body break down fat more rapidly.

Kelp is a good source of iodine which stimulates a slow-moving thyroid.

Acai fruit is packed full of nutrients to help cut junk food cravings.

Grapefruit kick-starts the digestive system and helps the body detoxify.

Blended together in our African Mango capsules, each of the aforementioned ingredients work in unison to promote responsible weight loss.


* Reduces the body’s storing of fat

* Assists in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels

* Increases your metabolic rate to increase its fat-burning power

* Regulates blood sugar levels

* Safe and natural

* Does not cause unpleasant side effects

The African Mango slimming capsules are US-made and can be shipped Australia wide.

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