Five Healthy Eating Tips for a Healthier Weight

Achieving a healthier weight is not about drastic detoxing or becoming scarily thin, it’s about feeling good, heaving more energy and enjoying food on a day-to-day level. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming but to set yourself up for success, consider planning a healthy diet through a number of small, manageable steps with our five healthy eating tips for a healthier weight.

1 – Whole grains

Beige foods such a rice, bread, pasta are high in refined sugar and with simple carbohydrates. By munching on brown rice and bran cereals you’ll feel fuller for longer thanks to the slow-releasing energy and increased fibre content. Whole grain alternatives also balance blood sugar levels and help us to avoid cravings.

2 – Lean meat

People too often think that carbs are the real evil and forget the importance of choosing lean meat and poultry to achieve a healthier weight. Fat contains 37 kilojoules per gram while protein only contains around 17 kilojoules per gram. By selecting the leanest cuts of meat in the supermarket and trimming off any fat you’ll reduce the amount of dietary fat in your diet to achieve a healthier weight.

3 – Veggie time

To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories but that doesn’t mean you need to eat less. By choosing high water and high fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables and legumes you’ll feel full well before you’ve hit your calorie limit, plus they’re packed with vitamins and minerals for a full dose of nutrition every time you lift your fork.

4 – It’s about how you eat

Develop healthy eating habits which encourage you to think about what you’re consuming, as opposed to seeing food as a quick way to stop hunger pangs. Enjoy mealtimes – chew slowly and savour every bite. By connecting with what’s on your plate you take time to taste the flavours and you’ll stop eating when you’re full. Eating with others away from the TV means your mind will be on the task at hand and you won’t overeat.

5 – Sugar and salt in moderation

Even if you’re keeping within your daily calorie range an excess of salt and sugar can stop you achieving your weight-loss goals. A great healthy eating tip for weight loss is to check the labels on your food. Sugar can be disguised under terms such as syrup, fruit concentrates and sucrose in many of our daily dishes. Sugar causes energy spikes and slumps. Equally, too much salt in our diets can cause high blood pressure and generate an addiction for salty foods. Eat naturally sweet food such as fruit and capsicum to curb sweet cravings and cut back on salty snacks to limit your sodium intake.

Cut through the confusion and achieve long-lasting success with our five healthy eating tips for a healthier weight. By fitting healthy eating into your schedule achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is within your grasp.

Weight Loss Tips

We’ve all read about the fads, the crazy diets and hair-brained tips. From cutting out carbs to never eating after 6pm, it’s hard to know what advice to follow. To help you shed those extra kilos we’ve come up with a short, sharp list of weight loss tips that won’t leave you starved or socially deprived.

1 – Focus on nutrients, not calories

Yes that diet soda only contains 10 calories but it’s also packed with artificial sweeteners which spike energy levels and lead to cravings. Choose long-lasting nutrient fixes from vitamin rich foods that keep you fuller for longer. Nuts and seeds, fruit, leafy vegetables and lean protein will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

2 – Eat before a party

By arriving famished at a big occasion or event you’ll be twice as likely to start the evening filling up on the starchy carbs and cheesy morsels scattered over the tables. High in fat and loaded with calories you might not realise exactly what you’re taking in. A great weight loss tip is to try having a light snack before you arrive to prevent regrettable decisions.

3 – Take your time

When you’re at the table, don’t inhale your dinner like your life depends on it. Slow down, put down your cutlery after every mouthful, chew slowly and sip water frequently. The difference between your stomach being full and your braining realising the fact is a good 20 minutes, which means you often eat more than you need to feel sated.

4 – Switch to regular coffee

It’s ok, we won’t make you part with your daily cup of joe, but there is a way to keep your vice whilst cutting the calories. By choosing low fat milk and opting out of the sugar sticks you get your normal caffeine hit without the added fat. When brewed with good beans, a skinny coffee can taste just as good, plus, caffeine can actually reduce appetite.

5 – Stay hydrated

A simple yet effective weight loss tip is to keep a bottle of water handy at all times. It not only keeps you hydrated but it staves off boredom and stops you reaching for the candy basket on the next desk. It’s also easy to mistake hunger for thirst which means we eat unnecessary calories when really, we just need a glug of H2O.

Long term solutions are far more manageable and they don’t wreak havoc on your metabolism. Through following some of our weight loss tips you won’t deprive yourself, meaning you’ll lose the extra kilos slowly and steadily then, best of all, you’ll keep them off. Be in control, stay positive and keep the pounds off permanently.

How to Boost Your Energy Levels

Long work hours, hectic weekends and an intense training sessions can leave you drained. Don’t turn to sugar-laden drink concoctions or a litre of espresso to get yourself out of bed in the morning, boost your energy levels to an all-time high, naturally. We’ve compiled a quick list of four easy steps to rev your engines. No unpronounceable additives required.

1 – Change your diet

We’ve been told it a hundred times but it’s true, you really are what you eat. The body needs food to function and poor nutrition will leave you sapped of energy. A diet high in vegetables, fruit and protein can keep us sustained and improve cognitive function. Opt for meals containing complex carbs such as whole grains as well as lean proteins such as tuna, chicken, beans and turkey keep you feeling full and alert. Other energy-packed foods such as bananas, avocado, nuts and eggs are also packed with slow-release energy goodness for a sure-fire way to maintain energy levels.

2 – De-toxify

Knowing how to boost your energy levels with a detox is simple and effective. By clearing the body of toxins and pollutants that slow the digestive system and bring you down a gentle cleanse can help to improve mental clarity, balance blood sugar, reduce food cravings and slumps and increase motivation.

3 – Exercise

Get moving. Just 30 minutes of exercise per day will revitilise the body, releasing endorphins – the body’s ‘happy’ drug for an energising outlook on life. Physical activity will oxygenate the blood, helping to fuel your body and increase your body’s metabolic rate. Moving also helps to relieve stress and tension which are contributing factors in energy depletion.

4 – Supplement yourself

For those of us that are always on the go it can be hard to maintain a healthy diet or get enough rest. Multivitamin, mineral and natural supplements can boost your energy levels whilst giving your body the nutrients it needs. Natural, plant-based formulas such as Garcinia Cambogia which contain valuable B group vitamins for your energy needs also reduce your appetite for sweet things, increasing your overall energy level levels and preventing crashes.

5 – Sleep better

It’s basic, but a lack of ZZZs is a major contributor to energy drain. Stress and anxiety can stop people falling into a deep sleep whilst hormonal imbalances can also cause folk to toss and turn. Keep the bedroom cool to help you fall asleep then set a schedule and stick to it – it’ll help set your internal clock so your body gets used to when to sleep and when to wake up. If that still doesn’t work, consider seeing your GP.

Follow these simple steps on how to boost your energy levels and transform your body into a fatigue-fighting machine.


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